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Sometimes we sculpt bases that can be re-used over and over again. Sometimes we like the application of a custom base so much that we alter it into a permanent base. Whatever the reasoning for them coming to be, these are base head forms that we can use for commissions or sell when available. If you are looking to commission with a head design based off of one of these bases instead of a custom one, you may assume $300 off of the head's starting price.

hyena v3.jpg

Toothy Hyena

This features a delightfully toothy grin based off of the anatomical features, dentition, and nose shape of a hyena. Warning: might induce bouts of cackling. Not responsible for missing zebra legs. Our flagship base is now on V3!

  • Uncut: $120.00

  • Cut: $150.00

raptor updated.jpg

Chompy Raptor

This is a very detailed base featuring sculpted scale texture to fit a wide variety of applications from dragons to dinos to monsters, rough-skinned or fuzzy! Eyes may be cut to purchaser's specifications if cut option is chosen. Please note, this mask was built on a mannequin for a 23" head with extra space for padding and is quite large.

  • Uncut: $125.00

  • Cut: $155.00

weasel bases.png

Cheeky Weasel

Here to steal your snacks and stash them away, this smelly mustelid is ready to liven up the place. Though best for actual (though non-otter) mustelid species, the shape is agreeable for their skunk and mongoose friends as well.

  • Uncut: $120.00

  • Cut: $150.00

canine base.jpg

Smiling Canine

A multi-purpose canine, reporting for duty! Perfect for those of a domestic sort, or maybe a less fearsome wild canid. Whichever you choose, this base is serving up some toothy fun.

  • Uncut: $120.00

  • Cut: $150.00

wildcat base.jpg

Grinning Wildcat

Ocelots, clouded leopards, and small pumas oh my! This grinning cat is ready to take on many cats small and not-so-large. This cat's meow is more like a bobcat scream.

  • Uncut: $120.00

  • Cut: $150.00

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