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Some required reading if you are thinking of commissioning us:

Terms of Service


  1. 30% nonrefundable down payment required within 1 week of signing contract unless previously discussed. This covers materials being purchased and some preliminary concept work on our end.

  2. Payment plans require a minimum of $200 per month. Progress will only begin after the first payment not including the down payment is received, and in most cases not until payed in full.

  3. PayPal is the preferred payment method. We will also use Square.

  4. We will also accept personal checks mailed to us, however at the commissioner’s expense. An added waiting period will apply to ensure the check does not bounce. Bounced checks will end in TERMINATION of commission and a BLACKLIST from future commissions.


  1. Once work begins, we will do our best to involve you in every part of the creation process as we can.

  2. We will let you know if a major progress delay comes along.

  3. Your spot will very likely NOT be the ONLY spot. Progress may begin while payments are still being received, or it may begin after all payments are received. It all depends on the current queue load.


  1. IF AND ONLY IF: Quoted price is payed up-front, and deadline date is discussed as an achievable outcome. Please be up-front about deadline goals so that it may be included in the initial quoting correspondence if it is possible or not.

  2. We want to take the time to make the final product something of quality that will last, not a rushed disaster.

  3. It will get finished, we don't abandon projects.


  1. You are entitled to a refund of any money sent that does NOT include the 30% down payment OR IS equal to progress made on the costume. Ex: If you pay me a month's worth of work and I complete that month's worth of work, that will not be refunded. Ex: If you pay in full up front and I'm halfway through progress, you may receive the remaining half of the uncompleted work's worth back.

  2. If reasoning behind refund is poor however, you may be blacklisted from future projects. Nonchalantly changing your mind is not humorous and you should have seriously considered accepting a quote before doing so.

  3. Refunds will be on a case-by-case basis, and may require some time before they can be applied.

  4. You will forfeit any physical progress made to us to do with as we see fit.

  5. Case in point: it is unwise to terminate a commission and please be 100% sure you will see the project through to completion.


  1. Shipping is at the expense of the commissioner, no matter where shipped.

  2. We will always add shipping insurance on top of it, as well as tracking. This is for your benefit.

  3. Shipping cost is separate from quoted price. Please keep this in mind before requesting a quote: shipping is NOT CHEAP, especially international.

  4. You will get quotes for different shipment options including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL if international. You will have the opportunity to choose how you want it to be shipped with the inclusions of insurance, tracking, and signature.

  5. Items are always shipped as merchandise if international. We are not responsible for any customs fees and will not lie on our forms.

  6. We will not ship anything of value during the month of December. The shipping system is overloaded during this month and has and will continue to lead to a higher instance of damage, delay, loss, or theft. We believe the risk is not worth it, especially for a high-value custom item that is not easily replaced.


  1. A 90-day warranty against my errors applies to everything commissioned.

  2. This includes any ripped seams, critical adhesive failures, bad sizing and fit, holes, etcetera.

  3. This does not include any self-inflicted damage. Excessive rough-housing, purposely over-stressing more delicate areas, and using the costume for activities well beyond what the costume was made for are not included in the warranty.

  4. Stitches on body areas are reinforced, even more-so in high stress areas. Body parts should handle typical convention antics such as moderate dancing and games, but realistically are not meant for yanking on, stomping on, extreme sports, chew toys for pets, rolling in the dirt with a pack of hyenas, or whatever else. If you plan to use your costume in more strenuous activities, please let us know beforehand so we can work that in as we can make a more durable costume but with some design limitations.

  5. Outside the 90-day warranty, we can do repairs and alterations, but will charge a fee and shipping is at the expense of the purchaser.

  6. Please send anything to us THOROUGHLY CLEANED. For sanitation reasons, we will not work on any part of a costume unless it has been well-cleaned before shipping.

  7. You can make upgrades or alterations to the costume as you see fit, however it will nullify the 90-day guarantee and may hinder us from accepting it to repair/alter ourselves in the future.


  1. We will no longer allow anyone under the age of 18 to commission us.

  2. You may submit a quote request form if you are under 18 and select the "I am under 18" option on the form.

Our Rights

  1. We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason.

  2. We also reserve the right to terminate your commission (with refund not including 30% down payment and current progress worth) for any reason. This would almost exclusively be if we felt threatened, suspected a scam, or criminal activity.

  3. We can use any photos and media of the physical costume itself as a means of self promotion, profit, and advertisement for our company identity and as artists.

Allergen Information

  1. We work in a house with cat and dog presence. The animals will not have direct contact with the costume and supplies, but we cannot guarantee floating dander or hair will not have contact with the costume and supplies. Pet hair is a magical substance that finds its way into everything and everywhere.

  2. We can give everything a precautionary cleaning if you are allergic to dog or cat dander, but again we cannot guarantee there will be absolutely no allergens on the costume.

  3. If you are badly allergic to dog or cat, please seriously reconsider commissioning us. We do not want to be tied to potentially deadly anaphylaxis.

  4. None of the fabrics are cotton. If you have an allergy to polyester, lycra, or other blends, this is not the garment for you.

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