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Pricing Guide

Pricing is subject to increase over time, so check back every so often for current prices. Max prices are reflective of all additional options at once, complex markings, many colors, and excessive foam extras like complicated manes and hair, extreme body shaping, mini wings, etc. at the same time. AKA: It's the most possible. Minimum prices are reflective of no extra options, two colors, simplistic markings, up to a small hair tuft of foam sculpting on the head, only the base body shaping, a small tail, and simplistic gloves and feet.

Custom Heads

Between: $2500.00 - 5500.00

A one-of-a-kind, made from scratch item. Starting with clay hand-sculpted into the desired shape, and then molded and cast in resin. Interior is padded and lined with smooth, soft fabric and is removable for easy cleaning. An adjustable strap with easy click closure and release ensures a perfect fit. Extra options include: removable eyelids, EL panel eyes, mouth fan for better airflow, and a movable jaw. Note: not all are compatible with each other.

pest 8.png

Partial Bodysuits

Between: $3300.00 - 7200.00

Popular Option! This package includes the above in addition to gloves and a tail. Glove style is the default of lightly padded handpaws that extend 2 inches past the wrist, but oversized styles are available. Tail will see a price increase as size and complexity increases, and for more upright and rigid designs feature a sturdier foam core and wider, stiffer base. Tails come with belt loop attachments.

hyena partial example.png

Unpadded Fullbody

Between: $4700.00 - 10000.00

Includes the above items in addition to an unpadded bodysuit with matching feet. Price will increase based on complexity of design and extras like spikes, manes, etc. This is a custom-tailored bodysuit without extra bulky padding. Tails are attached by default with an attached belt for support unless otherwise specified. Feet and handpaws can also be optionally attached for a more seamless look. Features a front zipper closure for easy in-and-out unless requested to be on the back.

image coming soon.jpg

Padded Fullbody

Between: $5250.00 - 15000.00

Instead of the above, this includes the items in the first two and adds a padded bodysuit with matching feet. This is the ultimate costume to get in touch with your more colorful side! Body shaping and padding is done with foam, creating a mostly hollow shell over the wearer. The outer fur covering can either be peeled off for washing separately or be permanently attached where everything can be washed at once. Tail is attached by default unless requested. Handpaws and feet may also be attached by default if they are not a standard shape to maintain uniformity. Price will increase based on complexity of design and extras like manes, how much the body shape is being added to outside the default, growths, spikes, etc.

image coming soon.jpg
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