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How to Commission Our Services

This is a breakdown of what we're looking for when we open the quote form as well as what we need for a finished product:

What We Need

A Reference of the Character's Design

  • This can be either a front-side-back view or a "one quarter+three quarter" view. Please don't include any shade values so the colors and markings are true and accurate.

  • If you can't draw up a reference yourself, there are many artists you can commission. Make sure you choose carefully as we will try to be as accurate to the artwork as we can and it will factor into our decision process. Make sure you ask for a toothy expression to fit our niche! Unless that's not what you want (which may make us sad).

image coming soon.jpg

A Body Dummy

  • Known colloquially as a duct tape dummy, we need YOU in our studio for best fit. In order to have you in our studio without you actually having to be here, we need your stuffed double.
  • There are better tutorials out there than we can put here, so do search "how to make a duct tape dummy" in your search engine. If you come across one for making a fursuit, you found a good one. Make sure you use an undergarment bodysuit with no elastics or with elastics cut off, and with a front zipper. The zipper makes it easier for both you and us if you leave the zipper uncovered from tape. TWO LAYERS OF TAPE.
  • The taping method we have used ourselves and recommend is the first layer being standard silver duck-tape, and the second layer being black gorilla brand tape. This way you can see where you've taped before and can make an accurate second layer. The gorilla tape in our experience seems to make a more durable top layer, as duck-tape peels away more readily which is counterproductive.
  • We need your whole body from the collar down. Make sure that neckline does come up to your neck. For hands and feet: over the wrists and mark with marker the wrist joint, and at least one whole foot needs to be included. Also mark ankle, knees, and elbows with marker.
  • After you're cut out, tape it back together so it's all one piece. Trace your hand and foot on some thick paper, measure your head's circumference at the widest point of the temple, and mail all that stuff to us!
  • If the body dummy you send us is found to be unusable, we will ask you to make us a new one. This is on your own time and dime, so make sure you send us a durable one that ticks all the boxes. Questions are always welcome.
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